Vametric works closely with some of the world’s leading brands, institutions and governing bodies to implement Valid-8 within their organisations. Our software provides unrivaled accreditation and assessment capability.

We have offices in the UK and North America, supplying solutions globally to 27 countries and in several languages, including English, French, Welsh, Arabic and Chinese.

Our journey has involved some exclusive partnerships, which have kept us behind the scenes for many years.  These relationships have resulted in branded solutions with exclusivity, that our clients have been required to maintain in the past.

Recently due to a change in aspirations of the company and a more commercial and open relationship with our partners, we now aim to reach as many people as possible with this extraordinary software.

This solution (Valid-8) is now offered on a commercial enterprise license to any organisation, providing them with the benefits inherent in over 20 years of advanced evidence capture dynamics and investment.

Contact us to find out how we can help revolutionise your organisation.