Our Team

The Vametric team has been lead since its conception by Robert Smart. Robert originally founded the world’s first endorsed assessment and e-portfolio solutions, almost 20 years ago.  He is an accomplished assessor and verifier in his own right, with IOSH and FAETC (4) accreditation in learning and development.

Robert’s passion has always been about empowering individuals to express skills they are capable of, in a method that allows them to express themselves.  Over the years, he has changed the face of how vocational assessment (NVQ’s, for example) have been recorded and assessed. His work in driving the industry forward has been expressed as being akin to the invention of the jet engine to the aviation industry.

An unrivaled team supports Robert, and his right hand man is Martin Clarke.  Martin, who worked with Robert before working together in BMW, has been the cornerstone of “getting it done” from the implementation stage.

Martin also holds an Assessor, Verifier license and NEBOSH as well, to ensure that training, support and client management needed for successful roll-out is successful.  Martin works closely with Robert on a daily basis.

The company has enjoyed a unique situation in that the original software developer from over 20 years ago is still part of the team. Working with Robert on design, enhancements and breaking new technological ground, Mark has been a constant reassurance and exceptional talent in its development history.

This team (the core) has been a cornerstone in the development of Valid-8 as the industry-leading technological platform that it is today, and why the company’s partnerships have been so successful.