Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship Training

VAMETRIC is the largest technology provider for Apprenticeship Competence Portfolios in the world.


Since 1996 when it was introduced in BMW / Rover group it has progressed to achieve over 1 million successful outcomes in over 400 companies world wide.

When it was first introduced to the workplace some 20 years ago, retention and achievement statistics were in the mid 30%, but without exception when Valid-8 was introduced,  providers, industry and Colleges would routinely report 100% achievement statistics.    This meant that in 2006, the product achieved a world first in that it became recognized as the preferred method of assessment for several Regulatory and Awarding Bodies across the world and even appeared on the front page of the times newspaper (and Sky TV) as saving $2 billion a year in waste.

But don’t take our word for it, in 2014 KPMG stated that this Valid-8 platform is the most robust, secure and transparent management information solution they had ever inspected for post 16 learning (including Apprenticeships). . . ever. (See our testimonies page for more)

Industry Specific Features


Industry needs are changing with clients increasingly demanding proof that workforce competence is delivered, assessed and proven with complete transparency. Valid-8 answers these needs – it saves time, saves money, and has become a crucial tool in the successful development of a modern apprentice.   It is fair to say that ticks in boxes, written statements can only imply skills have been demonstrated (Not actually proven to any third party) , but Valid-8 resolves all those problems while simplifying and speeding up the whole process.

The use of our systems in apprenticeship programs provides so many benefits to apprentices, that it some occupational areas you can’t achieve an award without using one.

But this is only half the story.  If you have an e-portfolio that simple converts a paper log process to an electronic one, then it achieves very little.  Therefore many solution providers don’t understand the assessment process or requirements to carry out a time saving process in Apprenticeships.  Let us give you an example why we also differ in that respect.

The team responsible for the systems design and development are some of the worlds leading experts in vocational evidence capture (as well as internationally qualified assessors and verifiers), and this is coupled with some of the most brilliant minds in data management which in turn creates a unique and powerful system that knows no equal.  BT (A $50 billion company, who invest in over 2,000 apprentices each year) have said that they constant evaluate all the systems around the world and nothing comes close to this product.  Valid-8 even displaced Accenture initially some 8 years ago and continues to drive simple, but advanced evidence capture solutions for multiple occupational areas.

Apprentice training within Valid-8 can be assessor or candidate lead. It’s intuitive and smart – allowing users to cross-reference their evidence with all applicable criteria and it has Smart Tools too:

a) Automated development plans for further learning. And it offers time-saving features like

b) Video time mapping technology (from the mobile or normal uploads)

c) Document highlighter capability which jumps to the passage of text in written accounts and highlights it.

d) Automatic cross-reference capability which is extensively used saving significant time and effort, while maintaining standardisation and consistency to assessment.


We are more than an e-portfolio provider; we are also qualified assessors and verifiers. That experience and knowledge is built into our product – book a demo today to see how Valid-8 can change your apprenticeship process, as it’s done for Rolls Royce and British Telecom.

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