Risk Assessment and Compliance

Risk Assessment and Compliance

Ensuring protection against liability is of crucial concern of all modern businesses and organisations.


How do you know that your company does not have a health and safety issue as a result of gaps in induction, training or assessment?

How can you measure the risk or compliance in a way that makes it easy to understand what the problem is, and even suggest improvements?

How can you ensure that the assessment reaches an authorised person within seconds of completion?

The answer is that you can ensure it with Valid-8 by Vametric, which provides a robust set of features that helps you manage risk and ensure your compliance at your organisation.

The platform replaces or greatly supplements any traditional risk assessment process, allowing the user to record evidence against any criteria, audit or inspection process to a higher transparent threshold while being faster and easier to capture and demonstrate. Here’s how that works.

Industry-Specific Applications:

The use of video has become an extremely powerful tool to apply to assessment, risk assessment or compliance. But past solutions have lacked a technological time index reference tool linked to inspection or assessment criteria – one which does away with the need to search through hours of content just to find the appropriate bit.

Imagine videoing a process, and as the content is reviewed the appropriate criteria is selected on the screen as it is being watched. Then when auditing the criteria the recording plays from the moment that criteria was selected, so no more trawling through hours of video, audio or other such media to find the relevant bit. This is the power and flexibility provided by Valid-8.

Used in conjunction with the software’s document-mapping feature, any auditing process or risk assessment can become astonishingly easy. The platform can even produce an automated gap plan with attached guidance and context if you wanted it to.

Save time and identify problems immediately with Valid-8. Book your demo today to see how the platform can revolutionise risk assessment and compliance in your organisation.

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