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Assessment and competence has touched the educational field in a big way. Educators and students increasingly demand a fit-for-purpose approach to assessment – one which ensures that proof of learning, understanding and competence is measured in the most efficient and quality-assured way possible.


Valid-8 provides that platform, uniting the written word, photo, audio and film, and unifying them in the one piece of software that has been tested and accepted around the world for almost 20 years. In fact, the original application, used by BMW, was the worlds first such solution and is still used by some of the worlds leading brands.

Valid-8 is the digital ring binder for the 21st century, providing a record of easy to understand electronic evidence. The applications and benefits of Valid-8 in the educational sector include:

  • Provides a platform allowing anyone to present evidence in a manner fit for their own learning style, and the ability to demonstrate their skills.
  • Presented in such a manner that facilitates faster accreditation and major savings on time and audit requirements.
  • Promotes a can-do attitude, not hampered by exam fatigue or learning barriers to attainment.
  • Modern and refreshing approach to engage all users in a simple to use format.
  • Easy access for students, teachers and assessors.
  • Accepted by all the leading awarding authorities (UK) including City & Guilds.
  • When entering the job market, Valid-8 can form part of the student’s CV, providing the future prospective employer with a showcase of skills and competencies achieved.

Industry-Specific Applications

Valid-8 by Vametric offers flexibility and purpose-driven design that no other assessment platform can match, providing an intuitive set of features for assessors and learners alike.

For example, documents or learner-created web pages can be easily imported or saved into the system. From there, relevant passages of text can be highlighted and linked directly to the appropriate assessment criteria – allowing these passages to be highlighted in the original document or page when selecting the criteria in future.

This multipage linking ability means no more searching for the relevant passage in a large document, and also helps facilitate similarity checking in reports across portfolios.

Another useful feature for educational applications of Valid-8 is the automated development plan outcome generator. Based on criteria selected and covered, the system can then generate an automated “To-Do” document with any relevant learning content or resources embedded in this plan. If the student then uploads some evidence to this area, then the entire relevant criterion is automatically cross-referenced without any further input by the learner.

Valid-8 provides schools, academies, colleges and universities with the software to accurately and fairly measure performance, competence and achievement. In 2006, the then Government Regulator and Funding Body in the United Kingdom carried out an independent audit of our solution. They found that if the system was adopted across the Further Educational sector it would save £1 billion a year in waste, while also speeding up accreditation. Book a demo today to see how it can work for your institution.

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