HR/Talent Management

HR and Talent Management

Every job, career and operational business requires audit or assessment in one way or another. Vametric provides solutions to the business sector, allowing companies to measure and audit their own levels of attainment, competence and compliance.


Our Valid-8 software provides the essential tools for companies to carry out audits and assessments of productivity. It also serves as an e-portfolio platform that can measure the compliance of your business, or individuals within it.

Use it to:

  • Track gaps in your company’s compliance or skills;
  • Carry out performance audits;
  • Create development plans, created on gaps identified automatically.
  • Provide a stronger legally-defensible, evidence-based skills portfolio.
  • Provide the evidence to measure gaps in efficiency.

Industry-Specific Applications

Valid-8 is built on a criteria-driven engine, allowing you to define that criteria for your business and link it automatically to any industrial, legal or educational standards.
From there, gather the most defensible evidence possible for your organisation and watch the system cascade it through the relevant criteria. Some of our major clients, like Rolls Royce and BT, use this feature extensively so that “tasks” become the focus. This facilitates fast and strong evidence capture.

Industry is under more scrutiny than ever before – so why chance your competence or compliance records to ticks on paper or implied evidence, which would struggle under any investigation, or worse, a trial?

Valid-8 gives you the tools to build a stronger legally-defensible case for your company.

Businesses around the world have harnessed the power and flexibility to improve their organisation. Book a demo today to see how it can help yours.

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