Professional Assessment and Licensing

Professional Assessment and Licensing

For many professionals Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is not an option but a mandatory requirement. This is particularly so in the medical and legal professions.


Valid-8 makes it easier than ever before to capture someone’s skills to a defensible and accountable level. And the software provides the perfect platform to demonstrating to the regulatory authorities that the appropriate levels of compliance have been attained.

In the modern world, competence is no longer only about meeting a set process using fixed models. It should allow individuals to demonstrate skills and ability safely, in a transparent manner that stands up to scrutiny.

The Valid-8 system by Vametric breaks down barriers to competence testing and assessment. A learner is no longer restricted by learning difficulties or linguistic issues, such as English as a Second Language (ESL) as they are allowed to express the most appropriate form of evidence to prove competence or compliance.

Instead, the ability to demonstrate competence through a wide range of multimedia formats ensures that they’re assessed on their true level of understanding and competence, rather than an arbitrary factor like their written language skills. Measuring competence has evolved, so don’t hold anyone back just because the process restricts their ability to demonstrate something.

Remember, the very terminology of competence includes “skills” and how can this be assessed via a written or examination process only.

With Valid-8, no longer are otherwise talented and competent workers hampered by only having a paper process to measure them by – they are freed from those shackles and able to demonstrate true competence, to the highest, legally-defensible standard possible.

Industry Specific Applications:

The Valid-8 system has time-saving and efficient features that improve the process for professional assessment and licensing organisations around the world.

One of the greatest benefits is the platform’s cross-referencing engine. The system can map from one award or criteria set into another, automatically.

As an example, let’s take a look at the healthcare industry. A nurse from the United Kingdom wants to move abroad to Canada; Valid-8 allows the nurse’s qualifications to be mapped from the UK standards to Canadian standards, with the click of a mouse.

The system’s cross-referencing ability also has internal applications. Take Rolls Royce, for example. They carry out pre-set tasks, and generate evidence for the work or job.  It is dropped into a “task description” and the system automatically cross references into all the engineering and compliance criteria set by the relevant regulatory bodies.

Vametric’s Valid-8 platform saves hours of time, effort and cuts significant wasted time. See how it can benefit your organisation in complying with assessment and licensing guidelines; Book a demo today.

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