Valid-8 provides robust solutions to the education sector including schools, academies, colleges and universities – accurately and fairly measuring performance, competence and achievement. It was the first in the world to gain regulatory and governmental endorsement.

Education Sector Clients

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The groundbreaking Valid-8 platform is the digital ring binder for the 21st century. Here are some of the benefits of its use in educational settings:

  • Provides a record of easy to understand electronic evidence.
  • The platform is easy to access by student, teacher and assessor alike.
  • Can include and make use of text, photos, audio and video, all in one piece of software.
  • Provides an in-house platform for immediate online assessment and feedback by the lecturer, teacher or assessor;
  • Ideal for distance learning;
  • Gives students a record of achievement that can be used when entering the job market;

From private schools to community colleges and universities, see how Valid-8 can open up a new world of possibilities for your educational institution. Book a demo to get started today.

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