Defence and Emergency Services

Ensuring competency in this sector is critical to its success in protecting the public. Vametric has decades of experience in providing the platform for these organisations to certify and ensue that their workers are ready and able to face the demands of the job at hand.

Defence Sector Clients



Currently, Valid-8 is used by thousands of military personnel at 115 training centres in the UK, Germany, Cyprus and Gibraltar.

Valid-8 by Vametric offers several features and functionality that put it far ahead of any other competency assessment platform for defence and security:

  • Makes training and assessment far more accessible for learners, without the need for written coursework and assessments, which would have a very detrimental effect on attendance and course completion.
  • The organisations save money by reducing their volume of paper records.
  • Courses are completed more quickly and drop-out rates have been drastically reduced.
  • Participants can easily upload videos, filmed interviews and audio so their progress can be easily monitored and assessed without the need to complete large volumes of paperwork.

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