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Valid-8 by Vametric has been a game changer for qualification and accreditation in the healthcare and medical industry. We are leaders in the competency assessment space within the healthcare field, and our software was the first to be endorsed and recognized as a preferred method of assessment.

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Real-world use of the Valid-8 platform has:

  • Sped up qualification time for healthcare workers (validation dropped from 15 months to less than 10 weeks).
  • Provided residential homes, nursing homes with a cost-effective accreditation method.
  • Allowed healthcare workers to be judged on their competency rather than their written English ability.
  • Removed the intimidation factor of course learning for English as a second language workers who are highly competent.
  • Minimized the impact assessment has on the productivity of the organization.

Valid-8 is the enlightened approach to health care worker accreditation. Book a demo today to see how we’ve helped medical organizations in the past, and how we can help yours going forward.

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