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Valid-8 provides the perfect vehicle for demonstrating to the regulatory authorities that the appropriate levels of compliance have been attained.

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For many professionals, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is not just an option, it’s a mandatory requirement. Valid-8 stands out from other accreditation platforms, offering unmatched flexibility and scalability that other software systems cannot provide.

Some of the benefits that the software platform offers for regulatory bodies and certification boards include:

  • Total customisation and flexibility to tailor the platform to the specific competencies that need proof;
  • Multimedia capabilities for end users to prove competency through a variety of formats (video, audio, photos, written text, etc.)
  • Potential cost-savings of integrating several disparate accreditation programmes into one digital platform.
  • Provides a platform for assessors to provide feedback and comments if needed.

Bring your regulatory body into the modern era, and provide your industry’s accreditation process with a modern approach that fits the needs of today’s learners and assessors. Book a demo today to see how Valid-8 can work for your organisation.

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