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Industrial professions in the modern age require a great deal of specialised training; this is critical both for the quality of work carried out, and the safety of the workers themselves.

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As trade-based professions have become increasingly complex, training and accreditation has evolved to the point where mere certification does not necessarily indicate competence.

Industry needs are changing, with an increasing demand that proof of workforce competence is delivered, assessment and proven with complete transparency. Valid-8 provides the ideal solution to demonstrate that proof.

The benefits of Valid-8 for use in the industrial sector include:

  • The ability to demonstrate proof of competency using multimedia elements, including photos and video, which can be uploaded directly to the platform. Visual evidence removes the notion of “implied competence” and provides defensible proof of competence for employees and employers.
  • The flexibility for companies to set out specific tasks, goals and achievements within the platform to customise the competency assessment programme to their needs;
  • Workers can complete their competency training from anywhere in the world;
  • Builds a comprehensive assessment record for workers that can be used to demonstrate specific competencies, or built up over time;
  • Easy communication and feedback channels between the assessor and worker, all housed within the Valid-8 platform;
  • Provides an engaging platform while reducing the need for physical paperwork.
  • Can protect companies by serving as a record of employees’ competency training.
  • Creates a risk analysis report and automated development plans based on real work evidence submission.

Your employees’ competence is critical to the present, and future, of your organisation. Book a demo today to see how your industrial operation can take advantage of the Valid-8 platform.

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