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The power of the Valid-8 software platform lies in its flexibility, and our clients come from a variety of sectors. Among the list of organisations who make use of Valid-8 are national governing bodies, institutions, and leaders of the business world. Here’s what some of them have to say about the ways in which Valid-8, by Vametric, has revolutionised their processes and operations.


  • ministry of denfence

    "As well as saving money by not having to keep a large volume of paper records, courses are completed more quickly and drop-out rates have been drastically reduced.

    This system has had a huge impact on learning and gaining qualifications for the Armed Forces for over 100,000 service personnel in the last 10 years.

    There is no doubt this system has made learning accessible to many thousands of Army and Royal Navy personnel who otherwise would not have gained qualifications, improving their career prospects and giving them greater opportunities to progress when moving on. This product transformed the learning landscape for the MOD.

    Note: Servicemen and women were regularly posted part way through the training and assessment of key posts and responsibilities. The solution allows a clear and transparent audit of these skills to take place by the receiving unit, ensuring no doubt is left in their minds that the skills can be accepted without retraining."

    Training and Development, Ministry of Defence, 2014

    "During our partnership with Vametric we have constantly evaluated other solutions that are in the marketplace. Nothing comes close to this product, and hence we have awarded perhaps the largest ever contract for an Apprenticeship CMS [client management solution] system in the world.

    We used to use a previous solution (prior to 2012) and we could only manage 1,000 live learners. Now we can handle 15,000 or more with ease and without the need for additional staff or resources since this product replaced it.

    What is critical is the proof of skills and knowledge that is transferable around the country, removing the “doubt” if are they safe to perform. This must be the key element to any successful accepted Apprenticeship program so that stakeholders know of the skills they inherit without wasting months or years in “checking” previously acquired skills. This solution excels in this regard."

    Head of Assurance and Compliance, BT Apprenticeship Programmes, 2014

    "As the Honda advertising slogan goes……'Hate Something, Change Something!'

    Probably a bit strong although at times the traditional assessment process and portfolio, along with all its trimmings, has prompted this thought on more than one occasion!

    It was a revelation to hear of the Valid-8 System. There was, I admit, a slight trepidation in leaving the tried and trusted traditional method however I couldn’t help but be drawn to this modern refreshing alternative.

    Having worked with this system, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this as a very efficient assessment and administration tool, easy to use and never missed a beat.

    From a candidate’s point of view, the system is easy to work with and explain from recording underpinning knowledge questions to capturing evidence on video of work in progress.

    I am, therefore, looking forward to working with future versions of this invaluable system as it has NEVER missed a beat in all these years.

    'Hate Something, Change Something!' We did and had our own slogan of 'What If…?' answered."

    Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd, Honda

    "We commissioned Vametric to develop a solution to support 100,000 service personnel.

    Allowing them to record attainment and then allow it to export into a record for them to take away from the Army.

    We benefited from an interactive design process and we were positively encouraged to improve our suggestions and ideas with their developers.

    No other solution provider we had worked with was willing to engage in such a flexible manner and it was clear no other company came close to filling our User Requirements Document (URD) as well VAMETRIC did.

    Support during roll out was very responsive and every request was resolved in a timely manner even when some of our requests were in a shorter timescale than what we had agreed.

    Their knowledge of competency based solutions went beyond our expectations.

    The final product was accomplished, accredited to military standard from a security perspective.

    It was achieved on time and on budget."

    British Army Educational Training Services, British Army

  • "During all our inspections on behalf of the Skills Funding Agency for Post 16 learning, we have never come across a more robust and efficient system.

    The speed that the data is presented together with its security, meant we completed the audit ahead of time which has never happened with any other previous solution."


    "When we switched from our current system to Valid-8, these were the immediate benefits to the company. It cut our accreditation and achievement time by 30%. We saved 68% on induction and recruitment costs. Automatic cross-reference reduced errors and improved efficiency.

    Environmental friendly and reduced our carbon footprint significantly. Improved the audit and transparency of our processes."


    "I can tell that everyone is extremely impressed. The solution is very impressive. Seemingly effortless use, invaluable to users."


    "The product is recognised as the industry-leading tool. 100% retention and achievement is commonplace using this technology.

    Used in the following Countries: UK, Canada, Germany, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Russia, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Holland, Poland, Iceland, Falkland Islands, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and 18 other countries to date:

    Proven to widen participation and save significant costs. "

    Institute of Healthcare Management

Case Studies

The British Army
We were asked to create an Electronic Personal Development Record solution for the British Army, over and above the solutions we already provided for Educational Accreditation.
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We decided to engage and use the product for our health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunities assessment recording across all our stores.
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National Probation Service
We required a solution for our 24 assessors, working across community justice and offender behavior award accreditation at higher levels of academic ability.
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Health and Social Care
The use of the product over the past 20 years in health and social care has helped transform the landscape. Through its various upgrades and releases it has continued to benefit this sector enormously.
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The project is aimed at those young people who are at greatest risk of becoming disaffected. It allows them to follow an alternative curriculum which is more likely to encourage them to stay in school and which supports them in their education, develops their skills and prepares them for the world of work or progression into Further Education. For this we chose the product offering from Vametric.
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Other Occupational Competences
We currently have in excess of 12 million lines of competence criteria from over 20 years. These areas cover Accountancy through to Zoo keeping, including some very diverse and unique skill sets including Nuclear decommissioning to care of the deceased. It is likely we have the largest database of competences and skill sets anywhere in the world.
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