Health and Social Care

The use of the product over the past 20 years in health and social care has helped transform the landscape. Through its various upgrades and releases it has continued to benefit this sector enormously.

From its groundbreaking introduction, when it cut achievement time from an industry standard 12-15 months to around 10 weeks for accreditation of skilled personnel, to its latest innovation which an independent government audit stated would save £1 billion a year in waste this solution from Vametric really meets the needs of Industry coupled with any associated academic achievement.

100% retention and achievement are commonplace through the use of the product, and in many cases have resulted in people being retained and progressing which would have been impossible using traditional methods. As the world has evolved, so should means to record and capture evidence of proof. This is what drives the Health and Social care which prides itself on openness and proof of how we treat the sick and frail.

This system allows us to focus on that job, caring for people. Not getting bogged down with paperwork and associated barriers to delivering the highest care possible. In a recent survey, 98% of users would recommend the product with 95% of employers as well.

Occupational areas with extensive use in this product are:

  • Cleaning and Support Services (Medical)
  • Adult Social Care
  • Health and Social care Children and Young People
  • Autistic Spectrum Care
  • Support to Access Education and Employment (Rehabilitation)
  • Manage Quality in Health and Social Care
  • Professional Management and Leadership in Social care and Young People
  • Laboratory Sciences
  • Pharmacy services
  • Disease and infection control
  • (With over 800 supporting optional modules and units)

To date, over 500,000 people have completed demonstrable competence using the VAMETRIC Solution.