Probation Service

We required a solution for our 24 assessors, working across community justice and offender behavior award accreditation at higher levels of academic ability.  Our Trainee officers (250 a year) needed a fast, secure and highly efficient system and security checked to the highest level for confidentiality reasons.  After seeing how the system was approved for Military use, we felt secure this was the best product to use.

We were not disappointed at all.

Benefits were immediate, from the ease of using this technology to record performance and testimonies in a manner that was fit for the environment in which we worked. No paper records or storage (with the associated security concerns) was another.  Due to the way the system presents records, it has led to refinement of better quality evidence and the ease in which progression can be achieved.  This has also lead to more motivated Assessors and Candidates.

Management information has significantly improved and so the tracking, validity, transparency and overall improvement in quality has been a massive benefit.

We very soon expanded the use of the product into Courts, Prisons, Probation Offices and Community work sites.