The project is aimed at those young people who are at greatest risk of becoming disaffected. It allows them to follow an alternative curriculum which is more likely to encourage them to stay in school and which supports them in their education, develops their skills and prepares them for the world of work or progression into Further Education. For this we chose the product offering from Vametric.

Programme areas:

Skills for working life, Applied Business and Functional Skills (English, Math)

We found an immediate benefit to those students with literacy and organizational problems. Allowing different types of media in an easy to use solution created a first for any school project of this kind. And that was all the students identified as “at risk” stayed and completed their qualifications using this method, something that would have be unheard of before.

Since then we have refined and extended the project with associated accreditation procedures and this alternative method is now being used in more mainstream process with similar results. The greatest element allowing students to simply show what they are capable of in a manner which suits their own individual styles and pace. This has allowed us to reach that utopia of education by treating them as individuals by meeting their personal needs and styles and allowing them to express themselves accordingly. This has been a very positive experience with good results.