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    ministry of denfence

    “As well as saving money by not having to keep a large volume of paper records, courses are completed more quickly and drop-out rates have been drastically reduced.”

    Training and Development, Ministry of Defence, 2014

    “During our partnership with Vametric we have constantly evaluated other solutions that are in the marketplace. Nothing comes close to this product, and hence we have awarded perhaps the largest ever contract for an Apprenticeship CMS [client management solution] system in the world.

    Head of Assurance and Compliance, BT Apprenticeship Programmes, 2014

    Having worked with this system, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this as a very efficient assessment and administration tool, easy to use and never missed a beat.

    Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd, Honda

    No other solution provider we had worked with was willing to engage in such a flexible manner and it was clear no other company came close to filling our User Requirements Document (URD) as well VAMETRIC did.

    British Army Educational Training Services, British Army

    Why Valid-8?

    Management Reports at a click

    Easily generate pre-loaded, or custom reports on progress and activities.

    Evidence all in one place

    An all-in-one platform to host all activities and supporting multimedia materials.

    Higher Retention Rate

    Keep staff on-board and verify their competency.

    Verification at your desk

    Instantly determine competency from your computer.

    Security and Controlled access

    Provide learners with the modern digital learning environment they’ve come to expect.

    Engaged Students and staff

    A highly-secure platform that is already used by security-conscious organisations around the world.