How it Works

Valid-8 by Vametric is an industry-leading, patent-pending e-portfolio. It simplifies the process of certification, accreditation or competency testing for both the candidate, as well as the assessor. Best of all, it’s easy to use for both parties, but offers robust features, flexibility and scalability to be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Through its Valid-8 software, Vametric provides the platform to simplify the qualification and certification process of your employees.


Easy collaboration between assessor and candidate

As an assessor, use the software to set out a set of tasks or proofs that the candidate can complete on their own schedule, or on a given timeline. As the candidate, provide the exact proof required to address the guidelines set out by the assessor.

Multimedia Learning and Assessment

Allow candidates to easily attach and make use of text, video, audio, photographs and more, to demonstrate real-world proof of their competencies.

Development Plan Creation

Allocate evidence to a portfolio, and let the portfolio create an automated development plan, complete with embedded resources, help and guidance.

Feedback Collaboration

Communicate with candidates right within the platform, complete with historical review information, and the ability to raise a concern as an assessor or candidate.

Comment Notifications

Get instantly notified in your inbox by automatic emails when there’s been progress or changes to the candidate’s evidence portfolio.

Simplified accreditation for candidates and learners

Valid-8 is designed to be an easy process for competent candidates to prove their competency.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, mobile phones and tablets

Providing on-the-go access.

Valid-8 is easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface. Compatible with Windows, Mac, mobile phones and tablets. Works on Ipad, Android, Windows, Safari. Valid-8 can also be used as an offline solution.


Management Reports at a click

Easily generate pre-loaded, or custom reports on progress and activities.

Evidence all in one place

An all-in-one platform to host all activities and supporting multimedia materials.

Higher Retention Rate

Keep staff on-board and verify their competency.

Verification at your desk

Instantly determine competency from your computer.

Security and Controlled access

Provide learners with the modern digital learning environment they’ve come to expect.

Engaged Students and staff

A highly-secure platform that is already used by security-conscious organisations around the world.

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