Easy collaboration between assessor and candidate.

As an assessor, use the software to set out a set of tasks or proofs that the candidate can complete on their own schedule, or on a given timeline. As the candidate, provide the exact proof required to address the guidelines set out by the assessor.

Multimedia Learning and Assessment.

Allow candidates to easily attach and make use of text, video, audio, photographs and more, to demonstrate real-world proof of their competencies.

Development Plan Creation

Allocate evidence to a portfolio, and let the portfolio create an automated development plan, complete with embedded resources, help and guidance.

Feedback Collaboration.

Communicate with candidates right within the platform, complete with historical review information, and the ability to raise a concern as an assessor or candidate.

Comment Notifications.

Get instantly notified in your inbox by automatic emails when there’s been progress or changes to the candidate’s evidence portfolio.

Simplified accreditation for candidates and learners.

Valid-8 is designed to be an easy process for competent candidates to prove their competency.

An engaging experience.

The old ways of digging through mounds of paper and signatures are over.

Video time index mapping.

Record a video, and upon review, click to denote when the appropriate criteria is observable (performance and/or knowledge). The software remembers the time at that the criteria was selected at; so on future reviews, the video will play from that time reference. No more searching through hours of video to find what you want.

Document mapping.

Import, type, or cut and paste a document into the product. Highlight the sections of the document as you spot relevant passages that fit the criteria. Repeat this process as many times as you like in one sitting and then save the document.  Then when reviewing, click “criteria”, and the software instantly highlights the passages in the document – so you don’t have to spend ages trying to find the relevant passage.

Automated cross referencing.

Valid-8 can automate the assessment process, so that as evidence is matched to criteria, the solution can cross reference any relevant and referenced criteria automatically… saving considerable time and effort.

Audio knowledge testing.

Using the same process as video, as you listen and review an audio recording, map it against the criteria at the time you hear the relevant piece of knowledge or information. This links it to the criteria via a time reference stamp, and the recording will play automatically from that point on future listens.

Task-based Evidence Mapping.

Set tasks in the system, and embed, behind the scenes, all the linked criteria that would be covered under such a task. Then when evidence is uploaded to the task, it is cross-referenced to the criteria in one simple click.

Security and controlled access.

A highly-secure platform that is already used by security-conscious organisations around the world and approved for military use. Valid-8 offers the highest possible security controls and checks possible.